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10-12-2014: Etienne Ruvebana received the Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award 2014

Intersentia is proud to announce that Etienne Ruvebana was awarded  the Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award 2014 for his book Prevention of Genocide under International Law. An analysis of the obligations of states and the United Nations to prevent genocide at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.


10-12-2014: US Senate Committee condemns CIA’s post-9/11 practices as illegal and ineffective

Yesterday – 9 December – the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released a summary of its Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program following the 9/11 attacks.

After investigation of more than 6 million documents the Committee concludes that the CIA’s interrogation methods were brutal and illegal and that the agency misrepresented its actions to the White House, the Justice Department, Congress and the American people. Moreover, the Committee states that the methods were ineffective in obtaining reliable information and preventing further acts of terrorism.

In a reaction, President Obama stated that he was troubled by the program and that the report shows that ‘some of the actions that were taken were contrary to our values.’ He furthermore added that the CIA’s methods significantly damaged ‘America’s standing in the world and made it harder to pursue our interests with allies and partners’.

In 2010 Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni had already come to the same conclusion as the Senate Committee. He detailed the way in which American governmental institutions bypassed international law in order to allow the creation of a policy that allowed torture in his book The Institutionalization of Torture by the Bush Administration. Is Anyone Responsible?

Professor Bassiouni  furthermore argued that those responsible should be held accountable and demonstrated that a basis for accountability exists under the US Constitution, US criminal law and international law.

His arguments are shared by other such as UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson who issued a statement arguing that the US is obliged under international law to bring those responsible to justice.  Human Rights Watch director Kenneth Roth also shares professor Bassiouni’s  opinion saying that ‘unless this important truth-telling process leads to prosecution of officials, torture will remain a policy option for future presidents’.


2-12-2014: 2014 FISS/Intersentia Best Paper Prize

The paper Towards Cross-Country Comparable Reference Budgets in Europe: First Results of a Concerted Effort, co-authored by Tim Goedemé, Berenice Sorm, Sara Stockman, Tess Penne and Karel van den Bosch has been awarded the FISS/Intersentia Best Paper Prize for 2014.

The paper which was presented during this year’s FISS conference in Sigtuna will be published in one of the next issues of the European Journal of Social Security.

For more information about the journal, please click here.

19-11-2014: Bankruptcy of Swets and Story Scientia

Many of our customers will already be aware of recent developments with Swets & Zeitlinger Group B.V. (Swets) and Story Scientia. It is our highest priority to provide a smooth renewal process for our journal and series subscriptions and ensure continued, uninterrupted delivery and access to our content. If your subscription is administered by one of these suppliers, please contact Intersentia to guarantee the continuity of your subscriptions. You can e-mail us at




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Just published
EU Crisis Management After LisbonAcademiaGPRC EU Crisis Management After Lisbon
Nicoletta Pirozzi
This book analyzes the approach of the EU to crisis management in the aftermath of the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty and assesses its suitability to address current and future security threats. 
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Banking Regulation in Times of CrisisAcademia Banking Regulation in Times of Crisis
Deniz Akün Ergun
This book discusses the impact of regulations and supervision on banks’ performance, focusing on two emerging market economies, Turkey and Russia.
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Cooperative Agreements between Public AuthoritiesAcademia Cooperative Agreements between Public Authorities
Kris Wauters
One of the main objectives of this research is to examine this influence and more specifically the influence of EU law on cooperation between public authorities.
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The Human Right to WaterAcademiaGPRC The Human Right to Water
Jimena Murillo Chavarro
This book summarises the history of the human right to water and examines its main content and the obligations that derive from this right. It discusses whether the human right to water is recognised as a derivative right or as an independent right at three levels – at universal, regional and domestic law - where human rights are recognised and enforced. 
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European Social Security Law, 6th editionAcademia European Social Security Law, 6th edition
Frans J.L. Pennings
This is the sixth edition of this authoritative handbook and gives a clear overview of the main lines and main developments of this significant part of EU law.   
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Building Responsive and Responsible Financial Regulators in the Aftermath of the Global Financial CrisisAcademiaGPRC Building Responsive and Responsible Financial Regulators in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis
Pablo Iglesias-Rodriguez (ed.)
The global financial crisis that started in 2007 sparked several academic debates about the role that financial sector regulators played in the crisis and prompted policy reforms in the financial supervision architectures of several countries. This book focuses on the question of what accountability, independence, transparency and, more generally, governance mechanisms applicable to financial regulators can better contribute to building responsive, responsible and effective regulatory and supervisory frameworks that tackle the weaknesses of the pre-crisis regimes.  
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Internal Governance Internal Governance
Lutgart Van den Berghe, Luc Sterckx, Hnia Ben Salah
Since there are currently no “codes of best practice” for internal governance, the authors had to rely on governance literature, governance experts and their own research to develop a number of basic principles of internal governance within corporations.
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The Privatized Art of WarAcademia The Privatized Art of War
Evgeni Moyakine
In the modern globalized world, so-called private military and security companies (PMSCs) are employed by a variety of actors in times of both war and peace. They are employed by, and perform a plethora of services for, not only international organizations, NGOs and multinationals, but also States. Given that there are still regulatory gaps in the national and international legal frameworks applicable to PMSCs and that the lines of responsibility often are unclear, State responsibility becomes an important instrument for attaining justice and ensuring respect for international law by private contractors. 
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Business Valuation Business Valuation
Guy Parmentier, Bart Cuypers
What determines a company’s financial health and what drives company value? This book enables non-specialists to grasp all relevant financial information using tools that allow efficient financial analyses.  
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Comparative Concepts of Criminal Law Comparative Concepts of Criminal Law
Johannes Keiler (ed.), David Roef (ed.)
Comparative Concepts of Criminal Law is unique in the sense that it introduces the reader to the fundamental concepts and rules of substantive criminal law in a comparative way and not just to the criminal law system of one specific jurisdiction.  
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Transitional Criminal Justice in Post-Dictatorial and Post-Conflict SocietiesAcademiaGPRC Transitional Criminal Justice in Post-Dictatorial and Post-Conflict Societies
Agata Fijalkowski (ed.), Raluca Grosescu (ed.)
States that are in transition after a dictatorship or a violent conflict face formidable challenges concerning accountability for human rights violations. This edited collection considers criminal justice as a method of addressing state violence committed by non-democratic regimes. It’s main objectives concern a fresh, contemporary, and critical analysis of transitional criminal justice as a concept and its related measures, beginning with the initiatives since the fall of the Communist regimes in Europe in 1989.  
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Access to the European Union - 21st edition Access to the European Union - 21st edition
Nicholas Moussis
This 21st edition not only provides a comprehensive overview of European integration but also offers a fresh insight with each revised edition. Thanks to its clear and systematic approach, this book guides the reader through the maze of European Union policies. It throws light upon the European institutions, their raison d’être, their objectives and their experience, and explains EU measures, legal provisions and economic programmes.   
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European Yearbook of Disability LawAcademiaGPRC European Yearbook of Disability Law
Lisa Waddington (ed.), Gerard Quinn (ed.), Eilionoir Flynn (ed.)
The European Yearbook of Disability Law reviews the significant developments at European level regarding disability law and policy. 
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The Performance of Memory as Transitional JusticeAcademiaGPRC The Performance of Memory as Transitional Justice
S. Elizabeth Bird (ed.), Fraser M. Ottanelli (ed.)
Based on case studies spanning time and geography from the Spanish to the Nigerian civil wars, to government repression in Argentina and genocidal policies in Guatemala and Rwanda and, finally, to forced population removal in Australia and Israel, this collection represents a focused attempt to come to grips with some of the strategies used to publicly engage with traumatic memory work. 
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Property Law Perspectives III Property Law Perspectives III
Ann Apers (ed.), Sofie Bouly (ed.), Elien Dewitte (ed.), Dorothy Gruyaert (ed.)
This book offers an interesting selection of recent developments in the broad field of property law, including contributions on constitutional property law, national private property law and European and comparative property law. 
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Finance and Law: Twins in TroubleAcademiaGPRC Finance and Law: Twins in Trouble
Ludo Cornelis (ed.)
From the start of the financial crisis in 2007, which turned into an economic crisis soon afterwards, it was obvious that public law could not prevent the genesis of this crisis. But is there also a connection between private law and the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis? This thought-provoking book shows that private law provides as many useful institutions, mechanisms and instruments against the emergence of such a crisis as public law does. 
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The right to health of the childAcademia The right to health of the child
Sarah-Ida Spronk-van der Meer
Worldwide, children face significant health risks. The right to health of the child offers insight into the ways in which these risks should be mitigated. However, the concept of ‘the highest attainable standard of health of the child’ as laid down in article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child remains unclear. 
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  • Children and the International Criminal CourtChildren and the International Criminal Court
    Cynthia Chamberlain

    This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its core legal texts from a children’s rights perspective. ...
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  • The World Bank Group, the IMF and Human RightsThe World Bank Group, the IMF and Human Rights
    Willem Van Genugten

    The World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund are under substantial pressure to accept more accountability under international human ...
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  • The International Law on the Right of the Child to Survival and DevelopmentThe International Law on the Right of the Child to Survival and Development
    Khadeija Elsheikh Mahgoub

    This comprehensive and in-depth study on the understanding and interpretation of the child’s right to survival and development provides a ...
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  • Faith in Public DebateFaith in Public Debate
    Esther Janssen

    Should a politician be free to fiercely attack the religion of a sector of the population? Should he be allowed to strongly reject the culture of ...
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  • Children and Justice: Overcoming Language BarriersChildren and Justice: Overcoming Language Barriers
    Heidi Salaets (ed.), Katalin Balogh (ed.)

    Interpreter-mediated child interviews, by their nature, involve communication with vulnerable interviewees who need extra support.    ...
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  • International Actors and Traditional Justice in Sub-Saharan AfricaInternational Actors and Traditional Justice in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Eva Brems (ed.), Giselle Corradi (ed.), Martien Schotsmans (ed.)

    This book studies the role of international actors in the areas of transitional justice and justice sector aid with respect to traditional justice ...
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  • The Energy CommunityThe Energy Community
    Dirk Buschle (ed.), Kim Talus (ed.)

    Founded to bring stability and investment to the war-torn countries of South-East Europe, the Energy Community has developed into Europe’s ...
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  • European Federal Criminal LawEuropean Federal Criminal Law
    Carlos Gómez-Jara Díez

    For decades, the EU has developed a system of criminal justice consistent with the mixed (sometimes contradictory) tendencies embedded in its very ...
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  • The Liability of Public Authorities in Comparative PerspectiveThe Liability of Public Authorities in Comparative Perspective
    Ken Oliphant (ed.)

    In recent decades, the liability of public authorities has been one of the main areas of development in tort law in Europe, with major reforms implemented ...
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  • Addressing the Intentional Destruction of the Environment during Warfare under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal CourtAddressing the Intentional Destruction of the Environment during Warfare under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
    Steven Freeland

    This book examines the current international legal regime relevant to the intentional destruction of the environment during warfare, where it has ...
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  • The Competence of the EU to Intervene in Private (Especially Contract) LawThe Competence of the EU to Intervene in Private (Especially Contract) Law
    Stephen Weatherill

    This book examines the European Union’s impact on private and especially contract law. It shows how the European Union’s founding Treaties ...
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  • Handbook of Shale Gas Law and PolicyHandbook of Shale Gas Law and Policy
    Tina Hunter (ed.)

    This book will be a thematic book considering the shale gas law and regulation. Whilst there will be a focus on the UK, the book will place it within ...
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  • Weaving Intellectual Property Policy in Small Island Developing StatesWeaving Intellectual Property Policy in Small Island Developing States
    Miranda Forsyth, Sue Farran

    This book considers the challenges of creating appropriate intellectual property frameworks in developing economies. It focuses on the small island ...
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  • Armed Conflicts and the LawArmed Conflicts and the Law
    Jan Wouters (ed.), Philip De Man (ed.), Nele Verlinden (ed.)

    This book offers a comprehensive yet concise take on the legal regulation of the various phases in the complex cycle of armed conflicts, from prevention ...
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  • European Legal MethodEuropean Legal Method
    Karl Riesenhuber (ed.)

    The book provides a systematic introduction to the methods of EU law and the influence of EU law on national methods of law. It discusses the historical, ...
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  • Solvency II is Good for YouSolvency II is Good for You
    Karel Van Hulle

    Solvency II is the new regime that regulates the solvency requirements for EU insurers and reinsurers. It aims to reduce the risk that an insurer ...
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  • Understanding EU Internal Market LawUnderstanding EU Internal Market Law
    Norbert Reich

    This book provides a detailed analysis of the objectives, principles and methods of EU Internal Market law. It focuses on the substantive law of ...
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